Why Women Ride

On Saturday the 4th of October 2014, Cycle, Cycling Victoria and Con Chronis Photography went out for a photo shoot.

The idea was to ask why women ride their bikes and to collect some images to promote this.

Well, we have collected dozens of images from all over Melbourne. It was a bit strange having three men and a young boy asking women to stop and ask why they choose to go around on a bike, but it wasn't long before people were queuing up to tell us their stories.

We started at Port Melbourne, moved to Alexander Gardens before finishing the day at Docklands. What we can tell you and what we have learned is many things.

Women ride because they want to, they enjoy it, and the want to feel safe doing something that is normal. The ride for fun, freedom, enjoyment, fellowship, fitness and see the sights. The ride fast bikes, slow bikes, even Melbourne Bike Share bikes. It doesn't matter what they are riding and it doesn't matter how fast they ride. Every one we saw was out having a great time.

Women are an indicator species (worth watching this video), that means that the more women ride, the more of all people we will see riding. Jess Mathews says "We have to move beyond the vision of the bike being seen as an athletic sport only for the physically fit; and into the vision of the bike being seen just to move around freely."  To some people the bike is a family car, it is the daily service vehicle. It is how women get the kids to school, the shopping and by 27% of bicycle commuters, it is the work vehicle.

Please enjoy our slide show of #WhyWomenRide and give feedback. We had so much fun that day and met so many great people. We hope to see more of you next time.


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