"I have never seen such hard working people" ~ Edward Hore, President


The Board of Cycle consists of 6 people, 3 women, 3 men. With backgrounds in all styles of riding.

33 members contribute

We have 33 regular contributors, from engineering, government, policing, media, published authors - you name it, we have it covered.

Over 170 groups

We have a stakeholder community that consists of all levels and all levels of community, we are proud of our stakeholder engagement.

Written submissions
Reviewed Documents
Social Media followers
Facebook reach weekly

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The Australian Cycle Alliance inc

Media / Advocacy / Consulting / Communication / Membership / NEWS

An Advocacy and a voice. We are here to help spread information and education. We are a few people spread around Australia with an interest in collecting and spreading the good and bad news about Bicycling in this great land. Pulling information from around the world and adding a little of our own thoughts. Not out to cause outrage or justify attacks, but direct people to how they can help. Working with many stakeholders to make the dream of cycling anywhere - safely - a reality.

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Cycle is run with the love and time of an amazing group of individuals that come from all across Australia to make your Cycling life a little bit better. 


Survey Results

Every year we release a survey to see how we are going, are we reaching your expectations, are we way off the mark, are we even helping. And every year we get more than 3000 people respond to our survey.

Our last survey helped us to decide where we were heading before our AGM, the results were very strong - we are making a difference, in a very unique way than others. We are clearly effecting the way cyclists are being percieved on the roads, and that is our ultimate goal.

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