Here is some information to help you to register for the Australian Cycle Alliance insurance.


After going to our Insurance Partners website at Cycling Australia, you should see the following screen.

Select 'Cycling Victoria' from the drop down list as the 'Australian Cycle Alliance is listed in Victoria.



Once you select 'Cycling Victoria' you will have the option to select 'Australian Cycle Alliance'

please note: even if you are not in Victoria you can select Cycling Victoria as this is the only way to select ACA.



Select the level of insurance you want. There is no option for racing or veterans options.

Most common option is the Ride - Adult $99.

This will advance you to the next screen.



The following screen is to give you an option to read the full Terms and Conditions of the insurance package.



 The rest of the process is to gather your details and to collect your membership fee. Once completed it usually takes a week to get your paperwork back. Keep your email and reciept during this time in case of any issues.

As this is an insurance form, there are personal questions, and next of kin requirements, please fill these out as required.

If you have questions on the insurance, you can call 03 9998 6810 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance. 

For more information on our insurance offering, please click here.

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