Alanna sent this wonderful story about her Penny Farthing.
This is ‪#‎WhyWeRide‬

AlannaRados-5"I love cycling, full stop. Whether I’m on my road bike, mountain bike, fixie, it doesn't matter. Of all my bikes though, the green monster known as Grasshopper definitely gets the most attention. You don’t go for rides on this bike, you go for adventures.

I was lucky to win Grasshopper in a competition and thankfully they gave me a few lessons. It’s the perfect bike for me - no brakes, no gears, no inner tubes - a girls dream, nothing needs repairing.

The best part is, it makes people smile. It starts conversations about cycling and they’re all positive. It’s amazing the change of attitude. If I’m on the road, drivers will literally escort me at 5km/hr just to say they drove with a Penny Farthing. When I’m on a train people gather around, and ask me a million questions ("yes, its new" "yes, its a penny farthing" "no you cannot have it"). Perhaps Grasshopper is the missing link between pedestrian, driver and bike rider? All I know is that it generates a kind of infectious happiness.

222306 10151291698584655 522800724 nGrasshopper is more than just a bike for me, it has given me the courage to talk to people about cycling and how much fun it can be. Furthermore this has inspired me to go and do things I would have never done before and this year I was given a position as a cycling ambassador with the Roxcycl team. Which is amazing considering I ride in a BUG (Bike North) and I’ve never been in a race, but I love cycling. Roxcycl saw this in me and have inspired me to ride more and create new goals as a part of their ‪


#‎mygoalrox‬ program (ladies go check it out). They saw in me what I didn’t see in myself and I think Grasshopper makes people see in cycling what is so often missed; cycling equals HAPPINESS."




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