7 News Sydney received information from the NSW RMS that the number of people riding bicycles is down at three key entry points in the City of Sydney. Rudy, one of our NSW directors and also a bicycle commuter in Sydney, was interviewed on this.

His thoughts can be summarized by saying that he believes the City of Sydney is doing a great job in establishing bicycle riding as a practical commuting option, but that their efforts are hampered by the state government, headed by the Road Minister Duncan Gay, who is not using evidence-based policies (See section “In the name of safety”) when dealing with bicycle riding matters. Below is the 7 News story, followed by his thoughts.

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Close pass on 70km/h stretch of road, but the police have blamed the cyclist for veering into the path of the ute.

Firstly, the driver of the ute has spoken to Craig and apoligised, the company has followed up with the driver. Please do not contact the driver or the company in this story, this is about the lack of follow up from the police on a very serious issue.

The name of the Sargeant has been removed, Craig chose to leave his details in this. 


A video clip was put on YouTube (http://youtu.be/iH1eJH_YIeg) and a link was given to the police to follow up an allegation of a close pass. The email back to Craig is here:



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Cycling in Newtown, Sydney. Flickr/Steven Lewis, CC BY-NC-SA
Image reused to connect articles. Cycling in Newtown, Sydney. Flickr/Steven LewisCC BY-NC-SA

Last week, Associate Professor Craig Fry regaled us with his latest offering in The Conversation entitled, ‘Here’s why the recent changes to NSW cycling laws may be a good move’: https://theconversation.com/heres-why-the-recent-changes-to-nsw-cycling-laws-may-be-a-good-move-55654

Well, that’s his opinion. Here’s why he’s wrong.

Things start out on a bad foot: it’s impossible to ignore the associated image of ‘cycling in Newtown’ featuring four fully-kitted MAMILs. So, is that now ‘cycling in Newtown’?  Isn’t ‘cycling in Newtown’ a dreadlocked arts student riding to the Green Iguana for a smoothie during a break in classes at Sydney Uni? No, not according to Fry. Cycling in Newtown looks more like Team Sky preparing to climb Mont Ventoux. It’s not hard to think that things might not end well in this article.

Fry is right on one thing: the passing law is not a bad idea. It puts a measurable figure to an existing safe passing law. No problem there…

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Submitted anonymously by a reader of Cycle, this gives an impression of the negative feedback instant communication and keyboard warriors provide to cycling and why some people feel as if part of an outgroup.


Social media, Face book and Twitter, even the online comments section from the daily news, it’s all a part of the new generation of electronic communication. Anyone in this world can now have their voice heard. Everyone now has the ability to express their own personal opinion to the world. This new capability in communication is in the most part, unregulated. It doesn’t matter whether you have an educated opinion or you just wish to express your own personal frustrations. In today’s electronic age you too can be heard.

You may seek online approval and even find other angry and unhappy people just like yourself on both Facebook and in the Twittersphere. You don’t even have to look at someone in the face, you can just sit behind a keyboard and tell them how it is.

Is this a good thing? Is it healthy for us to have such unregulated freedom of speech? Are we smart enough to know how to use it? I don’t think so. It actually makes me sad.

This is Australia and we are Australians. We have had a few people want to destroy our way of life over the past one hundred years, and we have protected and defended ourselves and our society as a proud nation of people. As Australians we all support our Olympians and Cricketers as well as cheer when the Socceroos qualify. We say that we are proud to be Australian, which we are a free and fair dinkum nation. If it broke, I’d still like to think that we could tie it up with wire and get back on with the job?

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- A look through the eyes of someone riding a bike.



  • 1300km of Bicycle Facilities
  • Highest spending capital city in the country on bicycle infrastructure
  • Has a cycling membership organisation that has regular meetings with the council.
  • Has largely excellent weather and a largely flat enough terrain to get people where they want to go.
  • World Class Segregated Bikeways
  • Delivery of more than 100 bikeway projects over the last 4 years.

By all the information we get from “Team Quirk”, you could be forgiven for believing Brisbane is a cycling Mecca.

It should be.

And yet… It most certainly is not.

Before I dive into the numbers and some background, I am going to posit my theory of what underpins the failures and THIS and previous governments local and state to some degree.

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Media Release  


From Cr Milton Dick, Brisbane City Council Leader of the Opposition

23 March 2014


Lord Mayor must support #ShareTheRoadBCC cycle campaign  


Brisbane City Council Leader of the Opposition Milton Dick has stepped up the campaign for cycle and road safety and on Tuesday 25 March 2014 will ask Brisbane City Council to fund a Share the Road campaign targeting motorists and cyclists in Brisbane.  


Councillor Dick said enough is enough; the time has come for Brisbane City Council to take action to make Brisbane’s streets a safer place to drive and ride.  


“The rider verses driver blame game isn’t productive; we need to stop ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitudes and accept that we all have a role to play in making Brisbane’s streets safer.  


“I’ve put a formal motion on Council’s agenda asking for Brisbane City Council to fund a Share the Road style campaign to encourage motorists and cyclists to demonstrate safe behaviour on our roads.  


“As a local Council we have a responsibility to proactively work with all stakeholders to address important issues which is why I’d like to see Brisbane City Council work with our cycling community and peak motoring bodies on an awareness campaign.

“Labor Councillors are committed to supporting this current motion and the only thing standing in the way is the Lord Mayor and his LNP majority.

“I’m asking the people of Brisbane to add their voice to the campaign and call, email or tweet their local Councillor asking them to support the #ShareTheRoadBCC motion this coming Tuesday.”

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