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WTF is all the Lycra?

A recent challenage to the Cycle team was to go out and take photos of commuters. It was to show how much Lycra is worn in the different states around Australia and compare them to Melbourne where I knew Lycra was on the decrease for the morning ride.

I was deeply disappointed when the photos came in, it was image after image of people riding wearing normal clothes. One by one the different image...


A report card on Team Quirk's government last term

A look through the eyes of someone riding a bike.



  • 1300km of Bicycle Facilities
  • Highest spending capital city in the country on bicycle in...
Cycling in Newtown, Sydney. Flickr/Steven Lewis, CC BY-NC-SA

Hope Springs Eternal...

Hell is Not Other Cyclists

Last week, Associate Professor Craig Fry regaled us with his latest offering in The Conversation entitled, 'Here's why the recent changes to NSW cy...

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