The Australian Cycle Alliance inc is proud to bring you the full theatrical screening of #TheCycleOfReform.

Should Helmets be required by law? A look at the health and community impact of mandatory helmet laws.

A movie by Geoff McLeod for Freestyle Cyclists to explain the impact of bicycle Mandatory Helmets Laws introduction in Australia during the early 1990's.


The Cycle of Reform trailer - Sputnik Films

On the 2nd of September in Brunswick, we are presenting the full version of this excellent documentry addressing the public health aspects of the Mandatory Helmet Law.

A panel discussion after the screening include the following people:

AdrianSchrinner Cr Adrian Schrinner - Deputy Mayor of Brisbane City Council
CatherineDeveny Catherine Deveny - Comedian  
GeoffMcLeod Geoff McLeod - Director and Producer of the film
SueAbbott Sue Abbott - Freedom Cyclist
SaraStace Sara Stace - NSW Director of Cycle
AlanTodd Alan Todd - President of Freestyle Cyclists


Tickets are on sale and are also extremely limited - Only 100 tickets in total - and can be purchased from EventBrite. The cost is $5 plus a small handling fee.

Bulk tickets can be arranged by calling Edward Hore on 0418 301 031. (But there is no discounting).

The night starts at the Melbourne Museum at the bottom of Canning Street:

TCOR Meetingpoint

From there we will ride bikes along Canning Street to the Capital City Trail, to the Upfield Bike Path and on to Saxon Street, a slow and comfortable 20 minute ride.

The film will begin sharp at 7.00pm. Depending on the weather will mean inside or outside screening.

Food with vegeterian options will be available for purchase along with drinks provided by Temple Brewing Company, the makers of Bicycle Beer.

Temple Bicycle Plectrum Sml

The panel discussion will then begin at 7.30pm and conclude around 8.00pm to 8.15pm.

Please ensure you take care of your own safety on your bike during the ride to and from the screening.

About the movie

This video teaches the difference between being anti law, not anti helmet. The law is addressing a safety issue from the side of the motor vehicle driver reducing their responsibility, but is increasing an impact on bad public health. 

Perspectives here focus on the consequences of MHLs for public health, everyday cycling and bikeshare. The policing of the law resulted in ordinary Australians finding themselves, overnight, on the wrong side of this law.

With appearances from:
Doctor Paul Martin - MBBS, FANZCA
Professor Chris Rissel - Professor of Public Health
Dave Kinkead - Lecturer and researcher in Political Systems
Nicholas Dow - Freestyle Cyclists
Kathy Francis - Imprisoned due to helmet laws
Alan Todd - Freestyle Cyclists
Doctor Ken Hornsby - MBBS, FRACGP
Edward Hore - Australian Cycle Alliance

We look forward to seeing you there.

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