What do we do with your Membership money?

Well, we use it to run Cycle. Cycle is run with the love and time of an amazing group of individuals that come from all across Australia to make your Cycling life a little bit better.

But we need to get around, and that means flights, accomodation and fees. It means a lot of fussing and bother. We need to print things, pay for our expenses. We are completely unfunded. And except for our own jobs we rely on people like you to help us do what we do.

The Carbon Wheel

For $100 a month, you get your name in the Carbon Wheel Club. 

$100 a month is $1200 a year, a a handsome sum for some, but OK for others. This is just short of our Corporate Membership and so is a great way to really help sustain the work carried out by Cycle.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $100.00
The Fatboy

For $200 a month, you get your name in the Fatboy Wheel. 

$200 a month is $2400 a year, this is a small business membership. The last membership before the Corporate memberships this is the shiny one that helps us all round.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $200.00