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Every Tuesday a group of women jump on their bikes in almost any weather to ride over the Yarra Boulevard in Kew, Melbourne - a spot most bike riders in Melbourne call the Kew Boulevard. There can be as few as 5 or 6, but they get a huge boost to numbers every year when Melbourne Cup day comes round; this can provide an extra 25 riders and take the numbers up to 30.

They take off from Walmer St for a two lap ride, first one all together, the second at each rider's own pace. The ride is a social ride and a bit of fun. It is a bonding time for the ladies to let them talk about the things that interest them. No testosterone, no showing off and no conversation off limit. Yes men, they even talk about their husbands.

But at the end of the second lap, they all go for a coffee and sit down to finish the daily chat. Talk about work, life and the family. This group was a delight to be with as they were open, funny and friendly.

So what is the biggest reason for riding along a road at 6am in the morning? There is no main reason, every woman has a reason that was personal to them. Some for the challenge, some for the comaradery, all for the ride.


"Come and join us, we would love to meet you" 

Lisa Byrne from St Kilda Cycling Club is a Breeze ride leader for this ride, she said to me "Turning up for a ride when you don't know anyone and it's dark - you've already scored 10/10 in our eyes - that's a pretty awesome feat."

We discussed  that they "always have two ride leaders which lets us always have one of us as last wheel, this means we don't ever leave anyone behind - especially when the group gets spread out as the terrain on the Boulevard is quite lumpy and undulating. We honestly see it as part of our 'job' to help ladies and not have to worry about being left behind and no one is holding anyone up. Come and join us, we would love to meet you"

With the sun turning on a little earlier each day now, it is mostly ridden in daylight, this will change when daylight saving starts, but not by much and not for long.

As you can see in the video though, even in the dark this large group of riders is easy to see and cuts a dominating line as sun rises. Poetic and powerful, these riders empower themselves by taking on the elements, the motorists and the terrain. 


The Breeze rides are organised via a closed group on Facebook - Breeze Along The Boulie ride - this gives you up-to-date information in case of cancellations and gives the ladies a facebook group they can chat and organise other events.

The official page is run by Cycling Victoria, the organisation that runs this program. The event page has the general information here: Bunch Riding on Yarra Boulevard.

So if you are interested, we suggest you get in touch and go along. You will find the conversation flowing, the friendships abondant and the ride fun.

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