"The three-day hearing of the inquest into the road traffic collision that killed Mike Hall has closed, and yet we are left with many questions remaining unanswered.

I, Anna Haslock, am deeply disappointed with the police [AFP] for their poor handling of the case and their flawed investigation, including:

  • A police reconstruction that failed to test several important elements of Mike’s visibility system.
  • The AFP failing to retain vital evidence such as Mike’s clothing.
  • Police failing to retain the drivers phone at the time of the accident. By his own admission the driver was distracted and we’ve been unable to test what the distraction was.MikeAndAnna

Mike had every right to be cycling on the road at the time. He was well lit and riding safely. He had every right to assume that the car approaching him from behind would pass him safely and according to the law.

I attended the Court with a clear mandate from those who supported me via the Just Giving fund to bear witness and to ask questions where and when I was able to. I did this to the best of my ability with the support of local and national cycling organisations. I will now be considering my options and getting further legal advice.

The Coroner paid her respects to Mike as an impressive individual who could have gone on to achieve many more great things. Her words were a comfort, but the unfortunate reality is that the community of Mike's loved ones, friends and peers are left with many unanswered questions."

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