MEDIA RELEASE 2 December 2016


The New South Wales Government confirmed today that it will not be bringing in mandatory photo ID for bicycle riders.

In March this year, the NSW Government introduced a minimum 1 to 1.5 metre passing distance for drivers when overtaking bicycle riders on the road. The government also brought in a raft of new measures as part of its Go Together campaign which included increased fines for bicycle riders and a requirement to carry photo identification at all times. The mandatory photo ID was to be enforced from March 2017, and would have been the only unlicensed activity in Australia that required a photo ID to be carried.

In response, the Australian Cycle Alliance organised an online petition which was signed by more than 10,000 people in just 27 days. It was backed by cycling organisations from New South Wales and around Australia. The petition was delivered to NSW Parliament on 18 February 2016 with the support of the Australian Labor Party and the Greens.

The petition started by Australian Cycle Alliance [] was supported by Bicycle New South WalesThe Australian Cyclists PartyBicycle NetworkCycling Promotion FundFreestyle CyclistsNewcastle Cycleways MovementPedal Power ACTBIKEASTDulwich Hill Bicycle ClubBIKESydneyI Love Sydney Bike Lanes & CyclewaysCell BikesOrange BUGDubbo BUGArt Cycle IncCoffs Harbour BUGAlbury Wodonga Pedal Power IncEurobodalla BUGCentral Coast BUGBike MarrickvilleBike LeichhardtAshfield Bicycle GroupCanada Bay BUGSydney Spokes, and Quean BUG.

The NSW Government confirmed today that mandatory photo ID will no longer be required. It is a move supported by cycling organisations and citizens groups around Australia.

“It is a big win for everyone in the community.” said Ed Hore, who is a director of the Australian Cycle Alliance.

The NSW Go Together road safety campaign has resulted in less than $5,000 in fines issued to motorists for failing to give adequate distance when passing bicycle riders. During the same period $1,333,250 in fines have been issued to bicycle riders.

“We’re alarmed about the failure of the Go Together campaign to improve safety for bicycle riders, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. Road fatalities have increased in NSW compared to recent years, while sixty per cent of all child pedestrian deaths in Australia this year have occurred in NSW. We want to see NSW start a real campaign for road safety that helps vulnerable road users” said Mr Hore “Riders can continue chose to use any form of ID or ride with no ID at all in line with all other States and Territories.”

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Edward Hore, director of Australian Cycle Alliance on 0418 301 031    

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** PHOTO: On 18 February 2016 a rally was held at Martin Place in Sydney, and a petition with 10,000 signatures was delivered to NSW Parliament. Photo courtesy Australian Cycle Alliance.

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