#AlbisRide16 The memorial ride

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#AlbisRide was a created to mourn the loss of a life stolen when a car driver carelessly opened a door into the path of Alberto Paulon forcing him under a passing truck. Alberto was killed instantly. The driver was fined $3000. We feel $3000 does not represent the life lost and need to ensure Alberto’s life is not forgotten.

Plans were put in place over the past year to change the layout of Sydney Rd making it more cosmopolitan, taking it back in time and giving it back to the community. These plans have all but been dropped due to the short sightedness of State Government, we want to send them a message. 

In Victoria we have lost 3 lives to this situation since 2011, 3 lives lost through the careless act of motorists not checking when opening their doors.  James Cross, John Cornish and now Alberto Paulon have lost their lives. We need to educate people of the dangers in carelessly opening a door into traffic.

We also remember the lives lost by the #CowardsRun, usually called the Hit’n’Run, Cycle believe that the name of the act needs to reflect the person and not the act itself. Last year the number of Cowards Runs peaked at 18 in Victoria alone, an exponential increase. Cycle has been working towards ensuring this crime is dealt with by the authorities with the maximum penalties in mind.

#AlbisRide16 is a memorial ride for all those bike riders lost on our roads through careless actions of motorists. In the name of Alberto Paulon but in memory of so many more. This ride is a 3 kilometre trek down Sydney Rd finishing at Moreland Rd where riders can chat and reflect on the power of the social gathering. With the memorial part of the ride happening in Walker Oval, Parkville; riders will then make their way up The Avenue then on to Sydney Rd where traffic North Bound will be stopped and police will guide riders from the bottom of Sydney Rd to a car park near the Moreland Rd Tram Depot.

With more than 3000 riders on the road in 2015, all on their different modes types of bikes, different clothing and riding styles, it was a show of solidarity. We invite office groups and racing teams in their colours or uniforms, we invite those on cargo bikes, bike share, the weekend rattler; the high end racer. This is a ride for everyone on a bike as well as a small contingent of people walking.

In #AlbisRide16 we want to see 8000 riders on Sydney road.

This event is supported and assisted by a number of riding clubs, groups and organisations.

The ride is on February the 26th, 2016 at 5.30pm at Walker Oval in Parkville. It will make its way north up Sydney Road at 6pm.



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