An Open Letter to the Victorian State Leaders Every rider every day Why we ride 2 abreast Working together

An Open Letter to the Victorian State Leaders

by Heath Ryan

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Every rider every day


Why we ride 2 abreast

A lesson for non-riders

Working together


We work to change media, society perceptions

We are here to promote a safe and inclusive riding environment for anyone that can throw their leg over a bike and pedal.


What we do

We talk to you and find out what you want, then we actively get it. This is by way of activating advocacy, direct action, or by seeking the things you are after through participation in programs we seek that help us move the cycling community forward.

Our Audience

We are all inclusive of any type of riding, it doesn't matter what type of bike you own or where you ride it; we call these Disciplines and we do this to stop the segregation of riding groups. We work with different groups to ensure a single and powerful voice is heard by government and media. We are working to ensure we represent 'you' the cyclist, family member and community person.

How can you help

Join the community and become an active member of where your voice will be heard by our leaders, politicians and communities. We are actively seeking members NOW, so please visit our Membership area and choose the level that suits you.

What do people say about us

We have helped so many people, but we want to help more.

Extended Family You are our type of person.

Alliance Boards of Directors

Description About Us

Edward has been working in Not For Profits for a number of years, and after having a bad crash and then getting bad advice he decided it was time to do something new. Edward started Cycle to get the balance of information in the world more equalized. The alliance was formed to ensure all the bicycling advocates in Australia started working together to form a much louder voice. Edward owns 7 bikes, each one has a different job. He enjoys riding them any chance he gets. Commuting, exercise, racing and just for fun, he is happiest in the saddle or with his family. Surrounded by his wife, son and daughter (who all ride), he works to improve conditions for all riders. He also works in IT, that is what pays to keep the doors to Cycle open.

Sara Stace has a reputation as a strategic thinker, consensus broker and change agent, with extensive knowledge about cities, land use and urban transport. Sara is the Executive Director of Link Place ( which consults with all levels of government on urban policy. Sara is a co-founder and board member of the Australian Cycle Alliance. She is also on the board of Bicycle NSW and founder of Humans on Bikes ( Sara worked for six years in the Australian government for Infrastructure Australia, the Major Cities Unit and Planning Analysis Branch. She prepared government policy on national urban issues including active transport (walking, cycling and access to public transport), public health, economic prosperity, community liveability and environmental sustainability. Prior to this she was General Manager of an ASX listed property fund. She is registered Architect with an MBA from Australia’s top business school. In her spare time she is a super mum.

Beck grew up in regional Victoria, but moved to Melbourne upon commencing tertiary education and now lives and loves the vibrant inner suburbs. She has worked in the transport planning industry for the past five years, and is in the process of completing her Master of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. Beck has presented at and attended three Velo-City bicycle conferences (Adelaide, Nantes and Taipei), and she enjoys learning new things and networking at these events. She recently sold her car, and now uses her dutch style bicycle as her primary mode of transport. Beck lives by the philosophy of ‘normalising cycling’, which she embodies by riding an upright bicycle in normal clothes.

Murray McDonald taught himself to ride as a kid growing up in Weipa in Far North Queensland. He rode everywhere until he got his first car. Sadly, at the time he thought owning a car meant he had achieved "freedom". Murray stopped riding at that point and didn't really get on a bike again until 2010 when he borrowed a bike to try riding to work to save some money. Murray realised the freedom he had lost and took up road riding with a passion. Murray first became aware of Cycle when he was asked to appear on Channel 9 news in Brisbane to promote the Fly6 camera light. Murray sought the advice of Ed in how to appropriately deal with the media when being interviewed about bicycles. The story went pretty well. Since then, from reading Cycle and starting to contribute, Murray has become more and more focused on encouraging and supporting this wonderful and incredibly beneficial activity which sadly, has transitioned from being seen as common and mundane in this country to being regarded as strange and inconvenient for the "normal" motoring public. Murray works towards living in a country where people's choice to use active transport options like cycling is not only encouraged, but supported and celebrated. He would certainly prefer to achieve that in this country.

Vicki has been a director of Cycle for nearly three years. Her background is in education, both as a high school English teacher and a teacher of adult literacy and workplace trainer. She has been involved in cycling advocacy in her local city of Newcastle NSW for six years. In various roles she has worked with local council, organised vintage bike rides and written blogs and Facebook pages. She enjoys riding for transport and leisure, especially on vintage bikes.

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What We Do

A brief summary of the type of work completed by Cycle and its volunteers


Write Submissions

We prepare and deliver submissions to Governments and Stakeholders around Australia.


Provide ideas

We pass on our ideas and help design new programs from small groups to Federal Government.


Free Events

We organize free events in memorial or just for fun, we also support others events.


Spread News

We publish news from all providers around the world, we also write our own news, all part of strategy.


Run Programs

We work with stakeholders, groups and authorities to ensure their programs work for riders.


Around the clock

We have a watchful eye on all the most prominent news sources 24/7 to ensure they are on topic.

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