Rules and Code of Conduct as a Contributor on Cycle.Org.Au Facebook page.

First and foremost, when you contribute for Cycle.Org.Au you are representing a number of people. So it is important you present your posts in the following manner.

  1. If it is a news article, a brief but non-personal introduction, then the link to the article, this is to ensure it works on Twitter and Google+, it will also make it display better on the forum.
  2. If it is a social or informational piece, original article, put detail or brief first, followed by the information and any links to proof.
  3. If you are posting an image, please remember your audience and our current concerns. Do not buy into attacks on your post, these can be managed by Edward. 
  4. If your post is an extract or link to a larger article, the brief the description the better.

To provide more information.

If you want to provide more information to your post, please use these rules.

  1. Please the information after the lick, url, image reference or page share information. This will allow Twitter to display your important information first.
  2. You may keep your initial post short, and add comments to it as 'Cycle' this allows the information to be uniform and tidy. But no personal view that may be against page philosophy may be used in any post completed as 'Cycle'
  3. You may choose to post additional information as yourself, at this point, you are fully entitled to your own opinion and we encourage you to use it, but please be mindful of your audience.

If your post is attacked, or you feel you have not successfully got your message across, please consider the following options.

  1. Call Edward, he will decide what to do with the post, this may involve
  • Removing the post
  • Removing the offending posts 
  • Removal of certain posts and banning the person attacking, we will protect our contributors as they donate their time, but at times we must protect the page also
  • You are never to ban someone yourself, and you must never remove posts with out Edward being made aware with regards the exceptions to this rule below.

2.  Post an addendum to your post advising your view point and not adding to any more posts

3.  Ignore trolls, they will go away, and their posts will then be removed if deemed required.

Guides to posting. 

On face book, you can contribute as yourself or as the page. Your initial post should fit the guidelines and always be as 'Cycle'

To add your personal view point, or to like a post made on 'Cycle', please change your voice - an option at the top of the page, this can be done when logged on to the page by selecting 'Voice' or changing the 'Post As' option just below the FB search box.

located at the top of the screenlocated at the top of the screen

Please avoid the following mistakes, and feel free to advise privately to contributors if someone else has done one (I personally do it all the time and get reminded).

  • Liking a post made by 'Cycle' as 'Cycle', this looks tacky
  • Making your personal view point known as 'Cycle' even if you add your initials
  • Adding your initials to the end of a post you have completed as yourself
  • Posting other peoples work without coining (referencing the origin)
  • Posting large images
  • Posting verbally or visually offensive images as 'Cycle' or as yourself, this is not acceptable 
  • Trolling another person's post, either by bugging them or following them, as 'Cycle', there are times Cycle admins will put pressure on a current thread, but in a way that is with-in the page owner's rules.
  • Getting into troll fights on the page, this is not acceptable and is an embarrassment to us all.

If unsure, then contact Edward by TXT or phone to help resolve issue.

Article and Post Guidelines.

These are the articles you can post on the page

  • Good news stories, any and all, Nation Wide and from Overseas, but make sure they are current and typical
  • Examples of Anti-Cycling literature, yes, it is annoying, but is important to be informed
  • Tips and Examples of how to do things
  • People breaking the law, but only if putting cyclists at risk, this does NOT extend to cyclists breaking the law, they only put themselves at risk, this is not a double standard, but the standard we have decided to take
  • Amusing but in-offensive cartoons and images, the less the information and caption on these, the better.

What you cannot post

  • You cannot tell riders how to ride their bikes
  • You cannot take sides on debates or discussion on a post as 'Cycle', we will always side with the law
  • Do not steal images from the web that are from outside of FB with out permission (this is a breach of copyright) unless you reference, link, or coin the original site
  • Dangerous or stupid cycling behaviour, unless it is your own and you caption it as that.

If in doubt, send a message, TXT, call or email Edward to discuss. If Edward is not available, then arrangements will be made for a temporary admin.

There is no hiding behind persona's you need to be identified as a contributor, we are not anonymous, we are not legion, we are cyclists with a goal to voice all issues good or bad to the general public and cycling community.

Thank you for deciding to be a contributor, we hope you enjoy partaking in this adventure.

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