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Recently we went out looking for a new look. We wanted to modernize the way the social media looked and give it a consistent feel across all platforms.

We had 4 design studios contact us, and we are grateful to all that did, but the one that stood out was Liveworm.

Something about their approach appealed to Sara, and she went to work with them to produce our amazing new look.

It is more than a new look though, we are now growing at a phenomenal rate. With Memberships, our Jerseys all over the place and strong representation within the cycling community, we wanted to reflect our direction and our co-ordination. We are proud of what we have made with Cycle and we hope you enjoy what you read, see and participate in.

So, let's see what Liveworm thought of the project from David Sargent, Creative Director, Liveworm South Bank:

Liveworm is a work integrated learning design studio within the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University where students can work on ‘real world’ projects within a mentored environment. We were delighted to work with Cycle on this project as their passion for normalising sustainable and healthier transport options aligns with values that are embedded in our degree program. The fact that several of the students and staff are cycle commuters and our studio is located in the heart of the busiest cycling precinct in Brisbane sealed the deal.

Reflecting on his design and thought process, Shanan explains, “when approaching this project, I wanted to do something that incorporated the most important elements of the Australian Cycle Alliance. The brief required a bike wheel of some sort, but rather than opting for the conventional approach I aimed to combine the Alliance's passion for communication with their dedication to cycling. The combination of these ultimately inspired the final outcome which features a speech bubble as well as a bicycle wheel."
We look forward to future collaborations with Cycle!

Shanan presenting and explaining his initial concept.

Students who worked on the Cycle rebranding project.

Rebranding is always a huge task

We know that people will be woundering what happened to Cycle of the next few days, they may be confused by the new colours and the new layouts, but it is more than just that. We have a new philosphy to match. So let's look at what Cycle is.

The Australian Cycle Alliance inc is:

  • a media outlet for around 160 groups that chose to put their articles through us relating to cycling in Australia
  • a fun way to see a different side of cycling
  • an organisation involved with many groups helping with their advocacy
  • a member based organisation with insurance and other offers
  • a consultancy to Governments, Organisations and Businesses on Cycling related issues
  • a group of very researched and intelligent people working for all road users.

What the Australian Cycle Alliance is not:

  • We are not an advocacy, we work with advocacy and have lots of our own meetings, but we work with others to help them to get better outcomes for riders
  • We do not hold protests, this is something we may look at in the future, but to this date we have not held one ourselves but have promoted others
  • We are not a business, we use money we collect to pay back the founder and to pay for trips to and from conferences and meetings.

What we want is better outcomes. Our call to arms is #MovingCyclingForward and that will always be our question before posting a story, relaying an article or giving advice.

This is where you will find us:

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To find out more about Liveworm and to get in contact, here are their details: