Looking for an Ambassador

Do you see yourself as someone excited about cycling, are you as a person that rides a bike just because you can?

Cycle is looking for an Ambassador, and to be this person you do not need to be a professional rider, or have ever raced in your life. But we would like you to be an Australian household name.

This is what we are after:

  • Female or Male that represents the Australian ideals
  • Does not have to come from the sport of cycling
  • Is riding a bike for what ever reason
  • Understands that bikes are for everyday

We want the person to be:

  • able to talk to media representing our ideals
  • willing to be a face to our projects (on request)
  • financially secure as we are unfunded (at this time)

What we offer is:

  • great fun and enjoyment
  • opportunity to talk about a love they may have
  • working at the ground level of a growing org
  • seeing the most amazing changes in cycling since the 1990's

And what we get out of it is:

  • A face that people recognise that they can relate to and look passed the clothing, the kit, the bike. We get someone people can see that can push cycling as an everyday and enjoyable tool, not a toy and not just for Christmas.

How you can help us find this person? You can share this to facebook, talk to people you know, we all know someone famous. You can ask your cousins wifes sister-inlaws nephew about 'whats-his-name' and spread the word. We know we are asking a lot, but hey - we do that every day, why make today any different.

So if you know someone, or are this person, then can you contact us.

We need you to contact us via our about page or call our office on 03 9416 9300.


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Cycle is run with the love and time of an amazing group of individuals that come from all across Australia to make your Cycling life a little bit better.