In this blog we will examine a very concise area of advocacy and the way some people operate. But first we have to acknowledge that in every group there are splits and splinters. The people who want to cause controversy and the ones who want to unite all groups to lobby better towards a common goal.

PeoplesFrontOfJudeaPeoples Front of Judea

 It is an org from the first group that I am going to discuss: the ones who want to cause controversy. Let's take a look at some of the tactics that Safe Cycling Australia have been using on me. (I know that they have also been used on some of my colleagues, and on others who work in cycling advocacy.)

When we have groups that are divisive, they usually use terms like "We keep the others honest" or "We always get attacked by all the other groups" and the latest one "While other cycling groups have ridiculed us over the years". They divide advocacy and they hurt the cause for everyone. They turn people off following groups for no other reason than other groups have developed a large following, or they delete entire conversations which could uncover their low tactics.

One such group exists in almost every market and in every country, they are not content to work with others or to do their own thing, so they disrupt everyone else and try to distort the facts about what they have done to undermine others and the positives that other groups have achieved.

I have personally been on the firing line of one such person and his small group, during this time he has attacked me and everyone I know. Family and friends are not off limit and even my employers and potential employers have been targeted, with the intention of undermining both my livelihood and my family.

Because of these tactics being I am going on the record to say I have taken a step back from my work at the Australian Cycle Alliance while this plays out.

I firstly would like to state the facts about Cycle and how it works:

  • Cycle is not an advocacy, we are a media group that does some advocacy (we own that paradox)
  • Each person in Cycle - directors to contributors - are allowed their own opinions
  • Each person in Cycle is allowed to do their own advocacy and may represent Cycle in doing so
  • Cycle does not, has not and will not organiseprotests
  • I was not the first person to run Drive to work day, and neither were they, look into 1995
  • I work in Cycle for free, I receive no money for what I do, although that could change one day
  • Taking money from outside sources - whether selling insurance or selling branded products is the same thing

Just before Xmas 2012 there was a post made by a cycle contributor which advocated attacking car drivers. It was removed and after removing it I was contacted by then contributor Dave who complained about the content being taken of the timeline. At that time and because he disagreed with me and another contributor didn't like the content, we lost both of them in one day. But there was a battle of words on between the two of them that I was in the middle of.


On Xmas eve, I found this on his wall (we were facebook friends at the time):



Then the threats, harassment and interruptions in my life started. 



Soon after that I was offered a job in the Amy Gillett Foundation, it was my dream job, I thought it would be wonderful, working for cyclists and working with some amazing people like Tracey, Simon, Mark and Marilyn. Truly thought this would be my permanent career and really wanted to do well at it. Then things went haywire due to Safe Cycling Australia inventing stories. We were accused of sending lawyers after them because of copyright breach, this was not true, it was just their way to get attention.


And the attacks got even more bizarre - accusing the AGF of hacking his account and spamming him.


Even sending me little notes via Facebook, ensuring I would see them, this was the day I blocked him until he came to Cycle asking to get involved via Graham George (we said yes, I was stupid).


If in doubt about @WomblesTasteGr8, this was screen shot along with his profile of me as someone he was following.



Dave would be so happy to know that he was one of the main reasons I left the AGF, I was depressed and unable to function, I have dozens of screen shots of the attacks, but just jump on their Facebook or twitter to see them yourselves, quick, they will soon be removed. But I am happy to share the ones I have with stakeholders in Cycling.

Much later (discussed below) A tweet to my son's account saying that my son was really me, but if it wasn't he should get a real dad. He also tweeted to me on the same day that my wife is a Hore by name and Whore by nature. I went to the police with this (yes I have witnesses to it) and they told me to delete everything and move on, so I did, I deleted it all - including the above images and moved on, I wanted to forget about this disruptive person that feels he can go into every part of my life. But then the night time calls started and the emails. I only got two emails before I set my server up to bounce any further ones (I own my own mail server).

After I left, he made close friends (at least he tried to) with my replacement, when that failed, this went out.


He couldn't make friends with him because the history was handed over and my replacement made his own mind up. So unable to accept that, the attack happened.

I was going to close Cycle, I had removed all the contributors, told everyone it was going to shut shop, and that night I got another love letter, this one will not be shared, it has been given to the police. In it I was challenged from my heritage to my personal life, and the tweets sent to me and my son were all received in a very short period of time, I decided to make Cycle something different. Something to be proud of, to that end I am very proud of Cycle.

Even when he asked for help to shut down DashCams Australia he would not admit it was him that wanted the help.

these must be read left to right - but bottom to top.

11 12 13

So why am I posting this and stopping here? Because I have a lot of others from his accounts he uses:
(stuff that, not stopping now, this is going to get bigger, I am posting all the attacks on me, my friends and others and with the blessing of the Victorian authorities {thanks for the help Queensland Police}).

  • @SafecyclingOz
  • @WomblesTasteGr8
  • @themeltdownkid
  • @KneesOut Ed (recently removed)
  • and more...

Dave is the one that needs to be held to account, if you have ever been targeted by him, you have had a taste of my life every single day. Don't tell me to ignore it, don't tell me he will go away. Do yourself a favour and look around, I have not bothered with him, when he accuses me of tweeting him I have no idea, I have blocked him for as long as I can remember.

The next two posts are recent, he had to create 2 separate Facebook accounts to message me on Facebook, as I got the first message I blocked him, so he created another. It is time to stop pandering to this person, he has hurt enough people. 


After blocking this he immediately openned another account called Dave Sharp:


This person will never leave you alone, once you are his bitch - you are always his bitch. I know - I am living it daily.

I am not the only one, I am not the first to step forward, but this is a bold step, I know this will either make it worse or he will leave me alone. But to give you an idea of how he approaches those he doesn't like.

11896927 10153201221368717 1144901958 n

And today was another lie, this is NOT what happened and I have spoken to Glen, I respectfully declined anything that he is involved with whilst being anywhere near these people.


Latest Stalking, I wish I could block him on LinkedIn, but it does not seem possible until I accept him as a friend.

CheckingLinkedIn18 08 15

Latest harassment was today - dated 20 Aug 2015.

Harassment20 08 15 TheMeltdownKid

We actually lost 6 that day.

WeLost6 Wegainedmore

Today - 26 of August, an account that was locked so I could not see it was left open. The twitter account of @TheMeltdownKid was pointed out ot me and I found and retweeted these tweets.

Understand, I will not contact him again or in the future, and I will continue to tell him to leave me alone. But the mirror to Dave Sharps attacks will continue to grow. This is a man entering politics, is this who you want representing us on the road?

DS TMDK Attack Aug20 2015

And then it continued today from his new trolling account.

DS TMDK Attack Aug20 2015 p2

It has been a few days since the last spray on social media, but it was no surprise to be sent this tonight (Sept 1st 2015).

Sorry Dave Sharp, we dont watch your page, we really don't care how you are tracking, we only care about those pages that make a difference by working with others.

Sept1 2015

I can tell you I have said and done nothing in recieving this, he just wants to have another dig. Recently I have recieved information about other posts, but they appear to have already been removed. This is common, they go up, and get removed quickly, that is why you need to screen grab them.

On the 9th of September I was advised that SCA had unlocked their account on Twitter, yes I broke my own rule and had a look. I was pleasently surprised to only see one series of attacks and close to when this blog went up, I retweeted them, but after thinking about it, I removed the retweets. There was no need to continue.

This is what I found:

090915 2

But lets leave the last few images of others he has gone after.




And finally an example of the counter attack, he attacks someone, and forgets, then when he sides with them, they remind him, he attacks again.