But, you know me, more will be said on the subject.

Why is cycling safe? Because so many of us do it, we live it, we enjoy it and we love it. Cycling does take over your life if you let in in a little too much. When I see a like or a comment from new people, I hover my mouse over their name, and if I see a profile pic that includes a bike, off I go to check them out (come on, who else does that).

But, cycling is safer than so many other sports. Yes, we come off our bikes occasionally, but we get back up and go again and again. For those that don't; they talk about how they miss it.

Cycling has one of the lowest mortality rates. It should be zero, but even so, it is low. In 2012 you were 5 and a half times more likely to be involved in a car accident as a pedestrian.


So, lets look at other stats:

  • In 2009, Obesity was blamed for 1043 deaths.

  • Motorists killed themselves at a rate of 610 in 2012

  • Gun related deaths in 2011 was 188

  • Misdiagnoses in illness causes between 2000 - 4000 deaths per year

  • Drowning kills 291 in 2013 in Australia.

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So look, lets be real. Cycling is normal and riding a bike is safer than a lot of other activities. So if bad news is scaring you off the road, I hope this scares you back on to it.

We need all bike riders to get out there and ride their bikes, on the weekend, to work, to schools and to the shops. We don't care. But you need to be riding. You will reduce your chance of heart disease, heal quicker and be healthier. Work at a higher level and have a more enjoyable day.

And besides, bike riders are awesome.

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