Announcement - Car Drivers to be only on one side of the car.

April 1st 2019.


Due to the high level of distraction, the Qeensland Government have announced that by 1 July this year only the driver will be allowed in the front drivers seat, all passengers will be required to be behind them on the right hand side. The exception to this will be for parents to sit next to their children.

The Qeensland Government is aware there will be an immediate boost to the automotive industry with longer cars, vans and 4 seaters sold to accomodate the new law.

Qeensland Cyclery have said this will stop the argument on Single File as it will force motorists to experience the immediate effects caused by trying to force this type of requirement on bikes.

RACQ have said that this will reduce deaths by way of misadventure as too many passengers on the left hand side of the vehicle keep being hit. Keeping everyone on the right is the way to go said Bud Ness from the group.

We can hope that we will see improvements in the safety whilst reducing passenger distraction said the minister at todays press conference.

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