What is it about bicycle riding that confuses people?

Photo by Omar AlOmair

There was once an Australian Prime Minister who we thought was going to be the one to put bicycle riding on the map, he was going to save us from the freeways, the by-ways and improve the way of life because he was a cyclist himself. And we thought it was great.

But he didn't fight for cycling, he put it behind everything else and ignored it. Just like everyone else does in positions of power, the ones that can make real change.


So we ask you - who are the ones that fight for cycling rights? For the infrastructure we need, the best routes that are direct and not just pretty. We don't think it should come from sport, we don't ask CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) to fight for motorists rights. Our sporting bodies already have their hands full.

Riding a bike is not sport, no more than driving your family car is motor sport. We ride to do the things we do by driving but we chose two wheels instead of four. It may not be about the health of the planet, it may because we don't own a car. But it is for the same reason. 

Some ride bikes to go to school, to go to the shops, take kids to daycare, do the weekly shopping, visit their mates, a date with their lover, maybe for exercise or to 'clear the head'. But none of those reasons mean we are partaking in the sport of cycling.

Some of us race on weekends, we compete in the weekly battles on the road for bragging rights or medals. We enjoy the sport of riding. We do that with Cycling Australia's guidance through local clubs. No different from an organised run or racing at a speedway in a hotted up street car. But that is sport.

Riding a bike is not sport, it is riding a method of transport. It doesn't matter if it was made in 1970's or 2017. Carbon, steel or aluminium. If it is racing red or burnt orange.

Riding a bike is not sport, it is simply riding a bike.

We hope you get out to ride your bike soon...

 Photo by Omar AlOmair  


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