Friday, 22 August 2014 03:29:32 PM

Police detected 76 cyclists who were not wearing helmets during a cyclist and pedestrian safety operation across the Central Metropolitan Region yesterday (Thursday 21 August 2014).

Operation Pedro 2 was conducted following a rise in injuries and fatal crashes in Sydney’s CBD and surrounding suburbs over the past year.

The operation focused on pedestrian safety, riding offences, and a broad range of non-compliance offences.

Operation Pedro 2 was a cooperative effort between police from 10 Local Area Commands, including Sydney City and Surry Hills, in addition to Highway Patrol officers and officers on push bikes.

Police stopped 76 cyclists were who not wearing helmets and 31 cyclists who disobeyed traffic lights. 17 cyclists were also caught riding on footpaths.

Officers cautioned 34 people and issued 11 infringement notices for pedestrian offences.Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said Operation Pedro was about educating road users on compliance in order to save lives.

“Whether you’re a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian, road safety is everyone’s responsibility,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“Operation Pedro 2 was a joint effort involving police and our road safety partners, Roads and Maritime Services and the Centre for Road Safety.

“We believe the operation educated both cyclists and pedestrians on road compliance, and punished those who did not follow the rules.

“We sincerely hope that those we’ve interacted with learn from this experience and change their behaviour, for the benefit of preventing serious injury and death on our roads,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

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