Bike Cabs aims to operate as a fun, quick and carbon-neutral on swanston
alternative to cabs in and around The City of Melbourne.

Our solution’s threefold approach also aims to increase the general
awareness of the benefits of cycling from a health perspective. Bike
Cabs will collaborate with local businesses in the health foods and
sustainability industries. Bike Cab riders will have the opportunity to
get fit while earning part-time. These energetic riders will drive a
fitness movement in the city.

Our city streets are clogged with car traffic and cabs aren’t happy to
offer short-trips. Bike Cabs are easier to maneuver through traffic and
encourage short-fare trips. Ours is thus a tailor-made solution for the

We realize there have been concerns how bike cabs would share
bike lanes or whether we might hold up traffic. So we thought it is
imperative that we explain our road usage plans.

Bike Cabs intend to use the main streets only during off-peak hours
while operating mostly inside the CBD’s less congested roads at
other times. We will also give way to fellow cyclists when using bike
lanes. Our bike cabs, equipped with motor assist, can move swiftly
while merging in and out of traffic. Thus we won't cause any
obstruction to moving traffic.

Over the past few years Melbourne has embraced cycle friendly road
infrastructure with the construction of dedicated bike lanes. Our entry
into the Melbourne transport scene will only strengthen cycling
friendly policies. In future, we expect the cycling infrastructure to
continue to improve and make the city closer to being car-free and
more liveable. We also expect a positive shift in people's attitude
towards cycling safety. Together we can make the city’s transport
system more eco-friendly while keeping Melbourne healthier too!

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